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Corporate Gifts

Quality gifting is a great way to strengthen client relationships and build new ones. Our expert advice and delivery services ensure clients give the perfect gift, always. Add a personalized touch with artistic branding for a range of Executive Accessories, Notebooks, Novelty goods, Writing Instruments, Stationery, Drinkware, Bags, Office Essentials, Technology, Outdoor and Leisure, Umbrellas, Personal Care and more.

We take our time in helping you decide on the perfect gift that will enable you to either strengthen your customer relationships or show appreciation within the business arena.

Build brand awareness with 1000’s of different gift ideas

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Mobile Technology

Make your mark in the age of technology with stylishly branded power banks, car chargers, headphones, blue tooth speakers and tons more

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Memory Sticks

Let your brand become the bearer of information with the uniquely designed corporate branding of media storage devices like USBs, hard drives, flash drives, memory sticks and other compact digital gadgets.

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Writing Instruments

Brand it in writing with wide range of executive and fountain pens, highlighters, pencils and crayons sure to leave corporate branding mark of distinction

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For the ultimate appeal of storing items make sure your brand is present on any style or form of bags with creative corporate branding for all materials and types.

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Drinks and Lunchware

Create a memoir for any edible occasion is never wasted with inventive corporate branding ideas for various plastic/PVC lunch tins, water and other bottles, glasses, crockery, cutlery, mugs, napkins and holders, vases, centerpieces and anything big or small with branding capability.

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Sports & Wellness

Think outside the box with imaginative branding options for indoor and outdoor experiences scattering your brand presence.  Never out in the cold with corporate branding for cooler boxes and bags, camping gear, tents, umbrellas, pocket knives and tools and other apparel.

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This one is for the books with stylish, fancy, professional, artistic and basic corporate branding options for notebooks, journals, diaries, planner, etc. Books are everlasting and so is your brand.

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Folders & Tablet Holders

Appearance is everything so to make a flashy and memorable presentation, our corporate branding is ideal for all types of exhibition and executive folders, tablet and similar electronic devices’ covers and holders.

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Executive Gifts

The rock that keeps it all together and in place can create the perfect marketing exposure for corporate branding on card holders, desktop cases, pen holders, table number or decor holders and other table accessories.

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Outdoors & Coolers

The perfect and professional gifting are exclusively selected items of the finest quality n=bearing your mark of distinction.  Corporate branding available for executive packs, pens, gadgets, barbeque/ braai utensils, home sets and other superbly crafted gifts.

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On the Road

Brands made mobile with cleverly branded on-the-go objects like boxing gloves, sports equipment, first-aid and other kits, jumper cables, mobile tools and other carrying items all bearing your corporate identity everywhere they go.

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Key holder

Open new doors of marketing by attaching your corporate branding to key with an extensive novelty gift range of attractive key holders available in all shapes, sizes, styles, and designs.

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No one likes to get caught in the rain but when they do ensure that your corporate branding shines bright with various gifting options available for all types of umbrellas for light to heavy duty use.


Tools. Torches & More

Accessories are certainly attention-grabbing with a variety of corporate branding gift ideas for power tolls, toolkits, and sets; flashlights, spotlights, LED keyrings; pocket, carving, and other equipment.

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Miscellaneous gifts for the elite golfer range create an obvious eye-catching platform for corporate branding with gifting options for golf balls, clubs, bags, and accessories.

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To cover all bases corporate gifts may be combined so as not to miss a taste with branding options available for customized or prearranged hampers according to any preference suitable for every occasion.

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Our Branding Methods

Successful brand building and representation is a mark of distinction and there is no one formula that is applied. 

We treat brands as a delicate and unique commodity that is a corporate identity and identity of the company, therefore, our branding methods are scientifically and artistically formulated to give you the brand presence you deserve. 

Our vast array of techniques ensures the creation of a majestic depiction of what a brand represents with the exact look and feel.


Laser Engraving

Etch into your gift a lasting impression of your brand with a variety of the best high-quality laser engraving options available suited to your style and preference.


Embossing & Debossing

Make your printed pieces stand out where others flat with our new-age embossing and debossing imprinting techniques with imaginative effects that one can’t quit running their fingers over the print making for memorable impressions.


Screen Printing

Unique silk-screen, screen or serigraph printing techniques by transferring of ink to create single or multi-colored images and designs are available for an artistic impress.


Pad Printing

Tampography or pad printing techniques transfer 2D images to 3D objects to create the ultimate effects of transform your brand into a gift.



Handcrafted decoration using advanced techniques and aesthetics make for a futuristic impression of embroidery on all types of fabric.


Foiling Stamping

The commercial process of foil application or stamping and hot stamping allow for permanent impressions are available in a various colour copies suitable to create an exceptional superior impression.  May be used on genuine and imitation leather and PU.


Direct Product Print

Our latest printing branding solution involving jigs and specialized digital printing techniques to transfer UV cured ink onto flat or curved surfaces for photo-print quality results.  Permanent full colour logos and images are bold and vivid available in all shapes and sizes for high impact branding.



A leading technique using heat to transfer dye through a chemical process to special fabrics sublimation is a colorful way to gift.


Heat Transfer

An alternative to conventional fabric branding, heat transfer is a preferred technique for clothing and substrates without using additional material.  Heat transfers are available in a variety of shades able to meet all ethical and branding quality standards.


Domed Stickers

Printed pressure-sensitive labels with a thick, dome-shaped clear polyurethane coating makes for a unique and unforgettable impression.

Our Brands

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