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The term signage is used to describe many facets of the branding industry, here at Three6ixty, we have one ideology when it comes to signage. Its your company’s identity and its your prerogative to have us carry that identity throughout your company’s image from the creation of precisely crafted 3D Fabricated signs to the illumination of your brand with the aid of a uniquely made light box sign. Be it with the use of finely etched cut out lettering, a towering pylon to elevate awareness about your brand, simple yet elegant perspex signs or simply just to show your client the way with a one of a kind directional sign. We desire nothing more than to showcase your brands identity, from the creation of an impeccable design to the manufacturing of your brands perfect marketing tool.

3D Fabricated Signs

Attention Grabbing Three Dimensional Individually Cut Letters Or Figures, Which Can Be Affixed To A Multitude Of Structures. The Lettering Or Figure Can Be Illuminated.


Cutout Letters

Precision Cut Lettering or Figures, Which Can Be Affixed to Walls Both Inside or Outside the Office. Fixed Both Directly to The Wall or Raise of It Using Pins to Provide a Pop Up Effect.


Lightbox Signs

PVC Enclosures, Illuminated with Led Technology, Allowing Ones Brand to Stand Out Day and Night.

Transparent signboard on concrete wall, mock up


Single, Double or Multisided Advertising Structures Which Are Best Suited for The Urban Environment. That Can Be Illuminated with Led Technology.


Perspex Signs

A Durable and Easily Moldable Material, Used Either in Individually Cut Figure Signs or In Perspex Light Boxes with Led Illumination.


Directional Signs

In or Outdoor Signs, made from a Range of Materials, Which Allow One to Communicate Points of Interest Within Their Premises to Their Clients Affectively.

Large Format Printing

Extend your brands influence from within, with the application of a selection of premium quality vinyl, frosted vinyl, printed wallpaper, contravision and canvas printing. Specifically designed and digitally printed with your businesses identity in mind to truly carry your brands presence throughout your workspace. Should you feel the need to take your brand beyond your doorstep, we at Three6ixty can provide the means to do so with an array of high quality vinyl stickers, fabrics, poster paper and PVC. All of which are customised to your specifications, allowing you to influence the outsiders awareness of your brand.


A Versatile Adhesive Material, Which Can Be Heated or Stretched to Fit Multiple Shaped Surfaces and Structures, From Windows to Vehicles.

frosted vinyl

Frosted Vinyl

Perfect for Both Domestic and Commercial Applications, Frosted Vinyl Provides Both Elegance and Privacy to Windows, Allowing It to Form Part of The Overall Visual Appeal.



Plastic Material Digitally Printed. Variations Include Standard Black Back PVC For Standard Printing and Back Lit PVC Which Can Then Be Illuminated with LED’s.


Printed Wallpaper

Provides an Eye Catching Visual Display for Both Household and Commercial Use. Wallpaper Can Be Applied to Further Intergrate Ones Corporate Identity into Their Office Space.



A Perforated Window Film Which Displays Advertising as a Solid Image, Blocking Vision from One Side, but Allowing Full Transparency from The Other. Best Suited to Vehicles, Allowing the Driver Full Visibility or The Business Owner Who Wants to Advertise While Still Maintaining His or Her Privacy.



Branded Fabrics Stretched Over an Array of Surfaces or Used with Aluminium Or PVC Struts to Create Self Standing Structures Which Can Then Be Illuminated.


Poster Paper

A Classic Ever Present Form of Advertising, Poster Paper Provides Colourful Visual Representations in Multiple Formats. From Advertising on Light Poles to Being Seen by The Weekend Movie Goer.



Impose Yourself as a Professional Artisan, with our Premium Canvas Products, the likes of which Picasso himself would approved of. Digitally Printed and available in an array of sizes to suit every inner artists needs, both at home and in the work place.



Digitally Printed Adhesive Material, kiss cut and capable of being applied to a Multitude of Surfaces. Let your brands presence be felt wherever you feel necessary.


We would love to work with you and take your brand to the next level